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How long will the first session take?

The initial counseling session typically runs 50-60 minutes.

What can I expect during the initial visit?

During the initial session, you will be provided information about confidentiality and questions regarding paperwork will be answered.  If possible, it is beneficial to download and complete paperwork prior to the first session.  This can be found on the client forms page under client center.  Questions regarding background and history will be asked to help me gain understanding of the nature of the issues being addressed.  This will also allow insight into how you are impacted by your concerns.  The amount of questions asked during the initial session is not typical of future sessions.  Together, we will develop a plan to meet your personal goals for treatment. I then explain the process of therapy and the different types of therapies that can be utilized to help you meet your goals.  I encourage my clients to ask me any questions they may have.  It can be very helpful to write down questions prior to the initial session.  If you feel comfortable and confident you’d like to continue future sessions, we would discuss scheduling your next appointment.


How long do appointments last?

Typically, sessions are 45-60 minutes.

  • Sessions with younger children are typically 45 minutes. 

  • Sessions for adults are 45-60 minutes.



How frequent are sessions?

Usually sessions are once per week.  As progress is being made, frequency of visits is decreased.  This is a topic and decision we address together.

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